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The growth in use of notebook computers as business machines has lead to an increase in the number of professionals carrying private customer data during their travels. It comes as no surprise that this trend leads naturally to an increase in laptop theft. Pound for pound, a laptop computer is one of the best targets for thieves easy to carry, easy to sell. And, if the thief is lucky, access to private data that can be used for identify theft.


Statistics show that 1 of every 14 laptops is stolen, and over 2,000 computers are stolen every day in the US. (Information Week)

 In a 2006 US survey, 81% of the companies reported 1 or more missing laptops with sensitive or confidential  business information.

 In a similar UK survey, 57% reported loss of 1 or more laptops containing sensitive information during the previous 12 Months.

Over 98% of stolen laptops are never recovered. (FBI) A survey of 769 corporate IT managers revealed that 64% had experienced laptop theft. (Tech Republic) (Source:


The loss of a laptop is a material loss. It's annoying enough, but loss of customer data can have far-reaching consequences.

 Meanwhile is laptop a product from the shelf, we will not find notebooks with equipped hardware encryption technology directly on the market.

The exchange of the Hard disk will cause a lost of warranty by most of notebooks manufacture.

                                                            SandiLock help you to protect your data very easily and firmly.





"Sandilock is a great device to store my personal data. I used it a lot for my business and personal use. Just make sure you don't lose the masterkey. Sandilock is straight forward and simple to use, the speed is fast and reliable. It work lock up even in you leave it standby for 24hrs. If you care about your business or personal data, this is DEFINITELY the right device for you."

Shandhi Widjaja - Director PT. Askomindo